Green Gulch Ranch’s Cattle

Green Gulch Ranch has been in the cattle business since 1974, first raising Registered Horned Herefords. For twenty-five years the ranch showed and sold these purebred cattle in California and many of the Western States. The entire herd was sold in 1999 and a commercial operation was later started with Red Angus cattle.

Our premium Red Angus cattle enjoy environments rich with open space and outdoor access to encourage natural behavior and provide a good quality of life.

The cattle graze on lush open pastures year-round and spend their entire life at Green Gulch Ranch, which makes a huge difference when it comes to producing quality, great-tasting, local farm-fresh beef. This enriched environment bountiful with fresh country air combined with a robust diet of our signature five grass blend of hay, ensures that the animals enjoy a healthy diet and a safe, wholesome environment.

Not only is it important for our ranching operation to provide a good quality of life for the cattle, but consumers also emphasize how important it is to them when it comes to choosing the kind of beef they bring to the dinner table to feed their family. Clients that have purchased our Red Angus beef have said this is the best meat they have ever had. We take great pride in raising our herd to ensure our friends and customers receive the best tasting Red Angus beef in the region.

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