History of Raising Cattle

Green Gulch Ranch has been in the cattle business since 1974, first raising Registered Horned Herefords. For twenty-five years the ranch showed and sold these purebred cattle in California and many of the Western States. The entire herd was sold in 1999 and a commercial operation was later started with Red Angus cattle. Today the 120 head herd is run on the ranch year around with lush summer feed and ranch raised high quality hay for the winter months.

All the cows are artificially inseminated with genetics from some of the top bulls in the country, thus producing extraordinary calves with the very best genetic makeup. In June all the calves are worked and are branded with the signature HX. In the fall, the cows are gathered and calves are weaned. While the majority of the calves go to market, a few select heifers are retained and kept as replacements. A selection of the heaviest steers are chosen for the feedlot to be sold as custom meat. Clients that have purchased whole beefs or halves have said this is the best meat they have ever had.

We take great pride in our herd and do the best to raise only the best for our friends and customers.