Happy Fourth Of July From Green Gulch Ranch!

As the country celebrates Independence day this year, we at Green Gulch Ranch want to be part of the get togethers and celebrations that marks our nation’s founding by providing some of our mouth watering Red Angus beef offerings at this year’s Bar-B-Que. Our locally farm raised beef products will be the talk at this year’s Fourth of July BBQ because the quality and taste.

Green Gulch’s Red Angus graze on native grasses during the spring and summer months and into early fall and enjoy a premium blend of five grass hay throughout the winter months. This is how the Harrison family achieves the premium quality and taste that is highly coveted within the region. So to stand out this year from others, trust the Harrison family’s premium Red Angus beef offers from Green Gulch Ranch and place your order here today. We have half and quarter beef packages, sampler packs as well as ground beef offerings that will make for great burgers!

Our family owned and operated ranch works tirelessly to provide open pastures to provide a good quality of life for our herd, something that is hard to come by at big box grocery store beef. Our cattle graze on the ranch year round and spend their entire life at Green Gulch Ranch and not crowded feedlots from the mass production facilities. We raise our cattle the old fashioned way that has time and again proven that our beef is superior to grocery store offerings.

So if looking to grill up excellent, locally sourced Red Angus, trust Green Gulch Ranch to provide the food at the dinner table this year as we all get together and celebrate the founding our this great nation.

From our family to yours, have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!