High Quality, High Sierra Hay Product

With the purchase of the new farm ground property in the year 2000, Green Gulch Ranch acquired over 1500 acres of tillable land, with 1000 currently in production. Originally, this was devoted to high-quality alfalfa for the dairy market in the Sacramento Valley. Ten years ago, the ranch started growing grass hay for the local horse market. Soon the demand outpaced the 60 acres and another 120 was added to the mix. Now over two-thirds of the ground is in grass hay production. The popularity of their high-quality hay continues to grow, as the word spreads. Most ranches harvest their meadows for grass hay, whereas, Green Gulch utilizes a blend of five different types of grass to produce a very palatable and nutritious crop under the center pivot irrigation system. The fields are treated for weeds and fertilizer is annually applied. Although the growing season is relatively short, the warm days and cool nights create an excellent environment.

Since they depend on the land for their living, they utilize only the best farming practices, such as no-till drilling for seeding to lessen soil erosion. The swathers, used for cutting hay are equipped with the new rotary heads, which has resulted in better efficiency of time and reduced fuel costs. All the equipment is rigorously cared for with a detailed maintenance program.

The land is given the same sort of attention. As dedicated conservationist, the ranch devotes a lot of time and effort to wildlife habitat development and improvement. Over the last twenty years, five ponds have been constructed, the largest being ten acres, for waterfowl and other wildlife. The ranch is fortunate that the largest mule deer herd in the county resides on the property. It’s not unusual in the fall to see several hundred deer grazing the pivots. It is such a unique sight, that travelers down highway 70 often stop on the roadside to view them. An indication that the ranch is implementing the right elements for attainment of their goals.


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Our feed has been certified by Plumas County Department of Agriculture. Please click the document below to download their certification report.

Hay Certification Info – 2017