Welcome to Green Gulch Ranch

Green Gulch Ranch is a 4000 acre ranch located in the historic Sierra Valley of California. This large property, which lines up against the pine covered mountains at the north end of the valley, consist of open meadows, sage covered hillsides and 1500 acres of cultivated farm ground. Two large ridges, stretching south, surround the fertile meadows which is bisected by Lafranchini Creek. The hillsides, on either side of the meadows are mostly a combination sage and grasses, providing habitat for the abundant wildlife.

The 1500 acres of farm ground at the south end of the ranch are irrigated by pivot sprinklers and produce alfalfa, as well as, high quality grass hay for the equine market. These fields also provide high nutrition for the herds of mule deer and pronghorn that frequent the property.

Although the ranch is primarily a family run cattle and hay operation, we also have a bird hunting and shooting operation. All of the bird hunting for pheasant and chukar is conducted in the non-farm areas of the ranch, with over 2500 acres of native cover. Hunting areas are large, each group having their own field for the entire day. The ranch also offers a diverse shooting opportunity with two full trap and skeet fields, one with five stand. There is also a rifle range with targets lasered out to 1000 yards. Gongs also hang at each 100 yard increment. Lodging is available at the hunt camp, a fully furnished three bedroom, two bath house, with full kitchen and washer and dryer. Meals can be catered or prepared by the guest as they choose.

During the summer, the ranch raised Red Angus cattle graze the abundant meadows. After the calves are weaned in the fall, a handful of the best steers are fed in the extensive feedlot and sold to discerning customers, often repeat clients.

Come and enjoy this diverse property and the hospitality of the Harrison family.