Purchase Farm Fresh Red Angus Beef Online

Ever considered trading the grocery store quality beef for farm fresh direct? Taste the difference and behold the improved quality of beef with Green Gulch Ranch’s farm raised Red Angus. When quality matters, Green Gulch Ranch Red Angus beef is the best source for locally raised, sustainable and visually striking beef. From our pasture to […]

Merry Christmas From Green Gulch Ranch!

It’s that time of year; folks are busy Christmas shopping, cozying up next to an open fire, snow and cold weather all over and we are getting ready to close out the year by spending more time with family. For those looking to give a pet an extra special treat this Christmas, consider giving them […]

Local Farm Fresh Turkey From Green Gulch Ranch!

Skip the insane big store prices and chaos! Purchase a farm fresh turkey from Green Gulch Ranch and leave the worry behind. We have enormous Turkeys ready to be cooked, just in time for Thanksgiving. Not only will you bypass the long lines and the scramble to find a decent turkey from the grocery store, […]

Best Hay for Racing Horses Available at Green Gulch Ranch

At Green Gulch Ranch, our ranchers specialize in producing farm fresh, premium quality hay that is a blend of five different types of grass cultivated in the lush soil on the ranch.  The premium hay we sell is grown in one of the finest regions in the world: the picturesque hillsides of the Sierra Nevada […]

Green Gulch Ranch’s Five Grass Hay is the Best Option for Equestrian Horses.

From our ranch to your stable, Green Gulch Ranch’s high quality blend of five grass hay are among the best options for equestrian horses. On our ranch, harvesting our blend of five grass hay is a welcoming part of the year. We love the smell of fresh hay as much as horses enjoy it. Good […]

Purchase Premium Hay Designed to Feed Equestrian Horses at Green Gulch Ranch

At Green Gulch Ranch, our operation has plenty to offer from our farm fresh Red Angus beef, pheasant hunting opportunities and even premium hay! Within our property, there are more than 1,500 acres of tillable land within Green Gulch Ranch that makes for a significant area to yield large amounts of our premium hay. The […]

Happy Fourth Of July From Green Gulch Ranch!

As the country celebrates Independence day this year, we at Green Gulch Ranch want to be part of the get togethers and celebrations that marks our nation’s founding by providing some of our mouth watering Red Angus beef offerings at this year’s Bar-B-Que. Our locally farm raised beef products will be the talk at this […]