Paying High Costs for Beef at the Grocery Store? Get Better Quality Beef at Green Gulch Ranch

With inflation and bottle necks in the supply chain driving up costs consumers pay for beef at the grocery store, it may make sense to source beef that is local and better quality than what is offered at the big box stores through Green Gulch Ranch.

We raise high quality Red Angus beef the old fashioned way free of preservatives, growth hormones and in open pastures on our family owned and operated ranch located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California.

Compared to what beef is selling for at the stores, we are offering reasonable prices on locally sourced better tasting and higher quality Red Angus beef. Whether it is ground beef, Ribeye or other delicious cuts, our beef is sure to one of the best tasting ever to be plated on the family dinner table.

Reaching that kind of quality achieved in our Red Angus cattle isn’t easy. But our efforts and traditional methods yield results that are hard to come by.

Red Angus Cattle at Green Gulch Ranch graze on grass rich in nutrients on lush pastures, which makes a huge difference when it comes to producing quality, great tasting beef. This enriched environment bountiful with fresh country air along and robust diet ensure our signature Red Angus cattle enjoy a healthy diet and a safe and wholesome environment.

We understand the importance of raising cattle on environments rich with open space and outdoor access to encourage natural behavior.

Green Gulch Ranch offers quarter and half beef packages consisting of 150lbs – 300lbs of steaks, brisket, roasts and more. We also offer some smaller sample packs for sale for those wanting to try out our beef before going all in. Each pack contains 1 Regular Salami, 1 Jalapeño Cheese Salami, Ground Beef, 1 Bratwurst, 2 Chorizo, 1 Meatloaf, 2 Mild Sausage, 2 Hot Sausage, 2 Italian Sausage, 1 Game Stick. For something in between, we also sell Red Angus ground beef by the pound.

When quality matters, Green Gulch Ranch Red Angus beef is the best source for locally raised, sustainable and visually striking beef.

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