Besides the exceptional hunting, Green Gulch Ranch also offers a variety of shooting opportunities with a rifle/pistol range and two trap and skeet fields. Both of these facilities are open year-round, weather depending, and offer exciting challenges to the avid shooter.

The rifle range is located towards the back of the canyon. The north-facing covered range building is 12×50 with a concrete floor and 3 large heavy benches. The targets are set at 100-yard intervals out to 1000. There is also a 50-yard target which can be used for both rifle and pistol. The bullseyes were lasered in order to provide the optimum accuracy for precision shooting. Backstops are dirt mounds with 4×4 plywood sheets placed in the front. Each one of the stations also has a marked metal gong hanging from the left side. Gongs vary in size, the largest being at the 1000 yard mark and becoming smaller at the closer stations. Targets, sandbags, and stapler are on site. In order to keep the area clean and safe, there is also a magnetized stick for retrieving all shell casings.

The two trap, skeet, and five stand fields are on the west side of the ranch. Each field is built to regulation standards with concrete walkways. The skeet throwers and five stand throwers are all recent vintage Promatics. The brand new trap machines are Pat Traps and are the best throwers available today. These expensive machines are hydraulically driven and can be set up to oscillate both up and down as well as side to side and even throw doubles. The fields are lit with sodium vapor lights for night shooting. These stadium lights are very effective in creating a bright atmosphere. The manicured grounds have hand-made benches placed strategically for resting and watching the participants. Gun racks are also located around the two fields for the safety and convenience of the shooters.

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Trap and Skeet Range

Two Full Trap & Skeet Fields

Green Gulch Ranch has two full trap and skeet fields, set to USTA standards with LaPorte throwers. The fields are illuminated by eight sodium vapor lights to make night shooting a viable option. The ranch has also purchased 12 additional LaPorte throwers in order to create a five stand venue. The five stand should be completed sometime this summer.

The trap and skeet area is open year round, weather permitting. Members can utilize this facility as an additional option to the hunt package or as a stand-alone package. See rates page.

Rifle Range

Rifle Range Features

The newly completed north facing rifle range has targets from 50 to 1000 yards. Each target location was measured and lasered to exact distances from the concrete pad at the range building. The target stands have a 4×4 foot area for paper as well as a hanging gong on the left side. The gongs increase in size with distance, starting at 6 inches at a hundred to 24 inches at a thousand. The range building itself is a covered 12×50′ concrete slab with three heavy shooting tables.

The pistol range utilizes the same building with a large earthen backstop. Multiple targets are available for accuracy or games.

The use of the range is an additional option to the hunt package or as a stand-alone item with the trap and skeet.