Pheasant Hunting at Green Gulch Ranch Perfect for Work Outings or Corporate Retreats

Work outings or office retreats can sometimes turn out to be a boring experience. What can be aimed at being a fun team building exercise or an outing to land a new client or even impress a business partner can sometimes become counter productive or a regretful experience.

For those who are seeking an engaging, thrilling and challenging office retreat or employee outing, look no further than our pheasant hunting and target shooting opportunities at Green Gulch Ranch.

Our ranch has a variety of suitable hunting areas for beginners, experts and anything in between. Our goal is to offer the most enjoyable hunting and target shooting experience for everyone participating in our pheasant hunting opportunities.

Our family operated ranch is less than an hour away from Reno and is located in Vinton, CA, making it a perfect retreat outside of the city.

If going on a pheasant hunt or handling firearms sounds too intimidating, no need to worry. We have high caliber trap and skeet fields as well as a rifle range to get plenty of practice in firearms handling and target shooting before taking the hunting fields. Trap and skeet shooting offers great practice for bird hunting, as participants will shoot clay targets that are propelled through the air to replicate the act of shooting a moving bird.

Traversing our diverse hunting fields can help build up trust, patience, rapport and significant collaboration among co-workers and colleagues.

For those with experience, it can help improve hunting skills or can even be a good opportunity to show off the skills already attained to impress a business partner or land a potential client.

Our unique property dedicates more than 2,500 acres of native cover for bird hunting and contains a very diverse habitat ranging from open grass meadows to sage covered hillsides that will easily match any team’s skill level.

Our hunting areas are licensed as a Zone B club by the state of California, which allows us to host an extended hunting season. Our Pheasant hunting season starts October 1 and ends March 31 of the following year. In order to participate, one must have a California hunting license and upland bird stamp. One day permits can be acquired from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

We offer one day hunts, stay and play hunts and even six or one year hunting club membership opportunities.

To learn more about the many hunting and skeet shooting opportunities or setting up a pheasant hunt work retreat, contact us online now.