Red Angus Beef at Reasonable Prices Available at Green Gulch Ranch

Green Gulch Ranch is still selling beef at reasonable prices. We all know that inflation has been tough on everyone’s budget, which is why now me be one of the best times to invest in purchasing in bulk and why not purchase a bulk order with local, farm fresh Red Angus beef from Green Gulch Ranch?

Our cattle is raised by feeding them our farm cultivated premium five grass hay throughout their life and just before they head to the butcher they are fed a grain diet to fatten them up for increased marbling and more robust flavor. The Cattle graze on the ranch year round and spend their entire life at Green Gulch Ranch, which makes a huge difference when it comes to producing quality, great tasting, local farm fresh beef. Knowing where and how the Red Angus cattle were raised gives our buyers peace of mind knowing that the beef they are consuming was raised on open pastures and not crowded feedlots from the mass production facilities, where most grocery stores and wholesalers source their beef.

From our pasture to your plates, Green Gulch Ranch has different packages available for purchase that will accommodate any budget. Whether looking for a small ground beef package, looking to purchase a quarter or half a steer or try out our delicious and mouth watering Red Angus beef sample pack, we have all of the basis covered.

If looking for a nutritious and tasty meal for your pet, we have those basis covered as well. We are offering nutritious dog food made out of the beef trimmings of our Red angus cattle, which is a great source of nutrition for dogs as they will be eating real beef and nothing artificial. So if looking for premium grade beef for the entire family to enjoy, look no further than Green Gulch Ranch.

We are located in the picturesque Sierra Valley in Northern California just past the Nevada state border. Our address is 1662 Harrison Ranch Rd, Vinton, CA, 96135. Be sure to place an order online before heading to our ranch to purchase beef. Our family looks forward to bringing our tasty Red Angus beef to homes across the Northern California and Northern Nevada.

To learn more about our beef offerings and other services and products available at Green Gulch Ranch, contact us online here.