Best Hay for Racing Horses Available at Green Gulch Ranch

At Green Gulch Ranch, our ranchers specialize in producing farm fresh, premium quality hay that is a blend of five different types of grass cultivated in the lush soil on the ranch.  The premium hay we sell is grown in one of the finest regions in the world: the picturesque hillsides of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California. The fertile soil combined with long summer days and nights provide the ideal conditions for high quality, nutritious premium hay. No more dealing with the lackluster hay at the feed stores and gone are the days of settling for hay that can sit on store shelves for months.

Green Gulch Ranch Prides itself for producing very palatable and nutritious hay under the center pivot irrigation system. The Harrisons utilize only the best farming practices and implement no-till drilling for seeding to lessen soil erosion. The fields where the ranch hands harvest the hay are treated for weeds and fertilizer is applied annually. Additionally, Green Gulch Ranch’s premium five-grass hay blend has been certified by Plumas County Department of Agriculture as being noxious weed free.

Our hay emits a smell and has an appearance that shows it is of top quality and full of nutrition, which will make horses crave for it. Our premium blend of five grass hay is not musty, moldy and does not give off a foul smell. Any hay that does is a good indicator that it is more than likely poor quality. Our hay has bright color, high leaf-to-stem ratio, small diameter stems, little to no seed heads or blooms and are highly nutritious.

With the delicious, nutritious and local farm fresh blend of five grass hay from Green Gulch Ranch, buyers will feel and smell the difference. More importantly, equestrian horses will too! Despite the fact that grass hay is generally lower in protein and energy and higher in fiber, this is what makes it a good choice for equestrian caliber horses. It can satisfy the horse’s appetite and provide necessary roughage without excess calories and protein.

To learn more about Green Gulch Ranch’s premium five grass hay offerings contact us online or place an order right away here.