Purchase Premium Hay Designed to Feed Equestrian Horses at Green Gulch Ranch

At Green Gulch Ranch, our operation has plenty to offer from our farm fresh Red Angus beef, pheasant hunting opportunities and even premium hay! Within our property, there are more than 1,500 acres of tillable land within Green Gulch Ranch that makes for a significant area to yield large amounts of our premium hay.

The popularity of Green Gulch Ranch’s high quality five grass hay blend continues to grow among the nations top equestrian horses. Equestrian horse trainers time and again praise the quality of the hay produced at Green Gulch Ranch. Equestrian experts rave that the five blend hay from Green Gulch Ranch has consistent high quality, reliability for their prized horses and are much more palatable than other hay offerings. From seeds to bales, the ranchers at Green Gulch Ranch take pride in the work it takes to ensure the highest standards for the premium five grass hay blend.

Bales of our blend of five-grass hay on average weigh about 90 pounds.

Most ranches harvest their meadows for grass hay, whereas, Green Gulch utilizes a blend of five different types of grass to produce a very palatable and nutritious crop under the center pivot irrigation system. The Harrisons utilize only the best farming practices and implement no-till drilling for seeding to lessen soil erosion. The fields where the ranch hands harvest the hay are treated for weeds and fertilizer is applied annually. Additionally, Green Gulch Ranch’s premium five-grass hay blend has been certified by Plumas County Department of Agriculture as being noxious weed free.

The swathers, used for cutting hay are equipped with new rotary heads, which has resulted in better efficiency of time and reduced fuel costs. All the equipment is rigorously cared for with a detailed maintenance program.

The land is given the same sort of attention.

As dedicated conservationists, the Harrisons devote plenty of time and effort to wildlife habitat development and improvement. Through the last 25 years, five ponds have been constructed, the largest being ten acres, for waterfowl and other wildlife. It’s not unusual in the fall to see several hundred deer grazing the pivots. It is such a unique sight, that travelers down highway 70 often stop on the roadside to view them. An indication that the ranch is implementing the right practices when it comes to being good stewards of the land.

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