Green Gulch Ranch’s Five Grass Hay is the Best Option for Equestrian Horses.

From our ranch to your stable, Green Gulch Ranch’s high quality blend of five grass hay are among the best options for equestrian horses. On our ranch, harvesting our blend of five grass hay is a welcoming part of the year. We love the smell of fresh hay as much as horses enjoy it. Good quality hay should have a fresh cut, smell and appearance. Premium hay is not musty, moldy or gives off a foul smell. Any hay that does is a good indicator that it is more than likely poor quality. Our hay has bright color, high leaf-to-stem ratio, small diameter stems, little to no seed heads or blooms and are highly nutritious.

Owners of champion race horses are often confronted by varying hay qualities and many different types that may not be the best source of nutrients. With so many to choose from, it can be a frustrating process to choose the right hay. However, once prized race horses or expensive stallions sample the five grass hay blend offered at Green Gulch Ranch, owners will experience a notable difference in health and energy in their steeds. Our hay has consistent high quality, reliability and are much more palatable than many other hay offerings.

The nutritional value of hay is the most important factor when determining its quality. Most ranches harvest their meadows for grass hay, whereas, Green Gulch utilizes a blend of five different types of grass to produce a very palatable and nutritious crop under the center pivot irrigation system. The Harrisons utilize only the best farming practices and implement no-till drilling for seeding to lessen soil erosion. The fields where the ranch hands harvest the hay are treated for weeds and fertilizer is applied annually. Additionally, Green Gulch Ranch’s premium five-grass hay blend has been certified by Plumas County Department of Agriculture as being noxious weed free.

We deal with many horse owners who emphasize that high quality and easily digestible hay are important to them. As important it is to provide quality hay, it is just as important to us to make sure our hay has consistent quality that is ideal for young growing horses and mature racing horses alike. As a reputable, local hay producer, Green Gulch Ranch guarantees the hay that is produced on our ranch will be a favorite feed for any horse. From seeds to bales, the ranchers at Green Gulch Ranch take pride in the work it takes to ensure the highest standards for our premium five grass hay blend.

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