Green Gulch Ranch Ensures Integrity with their Old Fashioned High Quality Red Angus Beef

At Green Gulch Ranch, we understand the importance of raising our famous Red Angus cattle on environments rich with open space and outdoor access to encourage natural behavior as opposed to mass production facilities where cattle are limited in space and are housed in unsanitary environments. Generations of the Harrison family continue the legacy of maintaining a premium ranching operation in order to provide their Red Angus cattle with a good quality of life on the ranch’s open pastures, which are located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California.

Not only is it important for the ranchers to provide a good quality of life for the cattle, many consumers emphasize how important it is to them when it comes to choosing the kind of beef they bring to the dinner table to feed their family. Knowing how the beef they are consuming has been raised, the diet they had and if they were given unnecessary growth hormones is important for a bulk of consumers.

The Cattle graze on the ranch year round and spend their entire life at Green Gulch Ranch, which makes a huge difference when it comes to producing quality, great tasting, local farm fresh beef. This enriched environment bountiful with fresh country air along with a robust diet of our signature five grass blend of hay ensure that the animals enjoy a healthy diet and a safe and wholesome environment.

Customers who purchase our Red Angus beef offerings know where and how the animals were raised and have piece of mind knowing that the beef they are consuming were raised on open pastures and not crowded feedlots from the mass production facilities, where most grocery stores and wholesalers source their beef. As stewards of the land, the Harrisons raise their Red Angus to ensure the absolute highest standards when sent to the butcher.

The ranchers at Green Gulch Ranch take pride in raising premium Red Angus cattle the old fashioned way to bring superior taste and quality to family dinner tables all across the region. When quality matters, Green Gulch Ranch Red Angus beef is the best source for locally raised, sustainable and visually striking beef.

We’re pleased to offer one of the most superior choices when it comes to local, grass-fed and grain-finished Red Angus beef offerings within the Reno- Sparks, Northern Nevada and Northern California regions.

Green Gulch Ranch has different packages available for purchase that will accommodate any budget. Whether looking for a small ground beef package, looking to purchase half a steer or try out our delicious and mouth watering sample pack, we have all of the basis covered.

Don’t waste time and make the brief drive to Green Gulch Ranch to pick up an order of Red Angus beef now! Remember, we do not deliver but taking the quick trip to our family owned and operated ranch is well worth the drive.

To learn more about our beef offerings and other services and products available at Green Gulch Ranch, contact us online here.