Quality Birds

In order to ensure an enjoyable and challenging hunting experience, Green Gulch Ranch uses the highest quality and fastest flying birds to provide the optimal sport performance. Our birds are raised by Gary Alves of Glen Ca., who is the supplier of choice for high end bird clubs. His pens are planted with sudan grass to provide cover and protection. The result is all birds have exceptionally long tail feathers and solid wing feathers for better flight. Once the pheasant and chukar arrive at the ranch they are fed a diet of wheat and protein pellets, which provides them with energy without unnecessary weight gain.

Birds are taken to the fields and hidden a half hour to 45 minutes prior to the hunters arrival. After checking in, hunters are escorted to their field and the fun begins. Our clients are often surprised at how quickly the birds take flight and challenge the shooters ability. There is nothing as exciting as watching a good dog scent a bird and listening to the crackle of a rooster taking flight.