Red Angus Beef for Sale at Green Gulch Ranch

Tired of grocery store beef, tired of the non-fresh taste or quality from big box stores? Buying beef directly from a ranch is totally worth it to taste the difference and behold the improved quality of beef, which is why many have turned to Green Gulch Ranch’s farm raised Red Angus.

As stewards of the land, the ranchers at Green Gulch Ranch take pride in raising premium Red Angus cattle the old fashioned way to bring superior taste and quality to family dinner tables all across the region. When quality matters, Green Gulch Ranch Red Angus beef is the best source for locally raised, sustainable and visually striking beef.

All of our Red Angus cattle are artificially inseminated from a pool of some of the top bulls in the country, thus producing extraordinary calves with the very best genetics. Our cattle is raised by feeding them our farm cultivated premium five grass hay throughout their life and just before they head to the butcher they are fed a grain diet to fatten them up for increased marbling and more robust flavor. From our pasture to your plates, Green Gulch Ranch has different packages available for purchase that will accommodate any budget. Whether looking for a small ground beef package, looking to purchase half a steer or try out our delicious and mouth watering sample pack, we have all of the basis covered.

No matter the family size, having quality, ranch-raised Red Angus beef on the dinner table is within reach at Green Gulch Ranch. Our online ordering process makes it simple to purchase large quantities of meat that can be stored in deep freezers for long-term use. Clients that have purchased whole beefs or halves rave that our Red Angus is the best meat they have ever tasted consistently and continue to come year after year for more.

We do not deliver our farm raised Red Angus beef to customers, however, taking the short drive outside of the Reno city limits allows to escape the city briefly and take in the fresh Sierra countryside air. We are located in the picturesque Sierra Valley in Northern California just past the Nevada state border. Our address is 1662 Harrison Ranch Rd, Vinton, CA, 96135. Be sure to place an order online before heading to our ranch to purchase beef. Our family looks forward to bringing our tasty Red Angus beef to homes across the Northern California and Northern Nevada.

To learn more about our beef offerings and other services and products available at Green Gulch Ranch, contact us online here.