Step Away from the Office – Plan a Corporate Pheasant Hunt

What might be a surprising work retreat to some, pheasant hunting is a popular pastime that people from across the globe enjoy. Learning to hunt or even just how to shoot a firearm takes focus, practice and an understanding of gun safety. Taking the field as a team builds trust and patience, qualities that many work environments tend to lose in the chaos and redundancy of a nine to five. If you are thinking as an employer, “what if I’ve never gone hunting?” Green Gulch Ranch has you covered. Our unique property dedicates over 2,500 acres of native cover to bird hunting and contains a very diverse habitat ranging from open grass meadows to sage covered hillsides that will easily match you and your team’s skill level.


Corporate Pheasant Hunting Near Reno

Located about 33 miles from Reno, lies Green Gulch Ranch in Vinton, CA making it a perfect retreat outside of the city. Our ranch accumulates a total of 4,000 acres and is also a family run cattle and hay operation. Bird hunting for pheasants and chukar are conducted on non-farm areas of the ranch with each group having their own field for the entire day. If your group lies collectively in the novice skill level as far as bird hunting or even just shooting firearms, we have two full trap and skeet fields as well as a rifle range to get plenty of practice in before taking the field. Trap and skeet shooting offers great practice for bird hunting, as participants will shoot clay targets that are propelled through the air to replicate the act of shooting a moving bird. Originating in Asia, pheasants have been introduced throughout 40 states in the US and have been here now for over 200 years. During their introduction to the States, pheasants began to flourish in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and moved into Washington. Today, pheasants are one of the most popular game birds here in the US and enjoyed by many for sport and for their meat.


corporate pheasant hunt

Improve the Work Environment

Corporate work retreats provide multiple benefits for employees. The ability to participate in team building activities outside of the office creates a bond between coworkers that is tough to form in the confines of work. Engaging in a fun activity where there is no pressure provides an opportunity for individuals to open up. Not only does this act as a stress relief, but also new friendships will be formed and a level of comfort among one another builds. Collaboration among coworkers is important to have in the work environment and as a level of comfort is established, it is easier to ask and provide help, easier to share thoughts and ideas, and therefore increases efficiency. Retreats also act as a reward and appreciation toward employees from an employer. The reward aspect is a motivator and creates a desire to do better, work better and be better.


The Perfect Corporate Retreat

Green Gulch Ranch is a family run and operated ranch. We treat you as family when you visit us and will ensure your work retreat is everything your team deserves. Run by three generation of Harrisons, the ranch was originally settled by Italian Swiss immigrants whom supplied milk and butter to the miners in Virginia City. Our beautiful property is maintained and thrives off of our hard work and dedication, the same values a corporate pheasant hunt will provide for your team. Check out our hunting page to learn more about what we have to offer and give us a call at (530) 993-1129 to schedule your work retreat today.